Oil Field Injury

Oil Field Injury

Assisting Clients in Injury Claims and Lawsuit Following Oil Field Accidents

Working in a Texas oil field or in the gas industry can be a dangerous occupation. The risk of accidents and injuries can be great due to the nature of the work. If safety standards are not maintained, proper training is inadequate, if errors are made in the drilling process or equipment malfunctions or is defective, the worksite may be set for a serious accident. Working around industrial pipes and drilling equipment weighing thousands of pounds puts workers at risk when drilling fires or explosions occur. Oil field workers can be struck by the falling debris of pipes and steel rigging or other objects, can suffer burns from fires and explosions, as well as a host of other injuries, many of which can be catastrophic and even fatal.

As a Dallas Fort Worth Oil Field Injury Attorney, I urge you to contact me at MacLean Law Firm if you have been injured on the job at an oil field. As your attorney, it will be my job to investigate all avenues as to fault and negligence to determine who may held accountable for your injuries. By consulting with me as soon as possible, we can discuss your situation and I can assess it in terms of personal injury law and liability. I have extensive experience in this field and am adept in handling all of the complex legal aspects of a personal injury claim or lawsuit stemming from such accidents.

Negligence in Oil Field Accidents

Employers or the manufacturers of equipment who are negligent in their actions are often at fault in oil field accidents and injuries. Employers are obligated to provide safe working conditions and sites for those they employ; when safety is sacrificed for profits, they may be held liable for the injuries which result. To get specific legal information about your legal options following such an accident, you need to talk to me at your earliest opportunity.

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